Dog Walking

We will take your dog for a 15 minute potty break/walk, or a 30 or 60 minute walk.  All visits include lots of TLC, fresh water and treats (if allowed).

Walks during the hours of 9am to 5pm on weekdays:

  • $16 per 15 minute potty break
  • $22 per 30 minute walk(1 dog), $25 (2 dogs)
  • $28 per 60 minute walk(1 dog), $30 (2dogs)

Walks before 9am/ after 5pm and on weekends:

  • $18 per 15 minute potty break
  • $25 per 30 minute walk (1 dog), $27(2 dogs)
  • $30 per 60 minute walk (1 dog), $33(2 dogs)

1-3 hour Group Play ---weekdays (once your dog has been approved)

  • $28 -  1 dog
  • $33 -  2 dogs

***Holidays - an additional $15.00 charge to any of the above services. Holidays include New Years Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Etc.

Cat Care

Each visit includes the following services:

  • Cat Care - feeding, fresh water, litter box maintenance, snuggle & play time (if cat agrees to it!)
  • Typical Home Care - watering plants, mail/newspaper retrieval, rotating lights, blinds and draperies

Weekdays 9am-5pm    

  • $20 per 20 minute visit

Weekends & before 9am/after 5pm

  •   $25 per 20 minute visit
  • ***Holidays - an additional $15.00 charge to any of the above services

Over Night Care

5pm - 9am...additional charges may apply to first/last day of a multi day booking

  • We will provide 3 walks per day(minimum) and sleep with your dog(s) in your home. 
  • First walk between 7-9am, last walk of the day between 8-10pm. 
  • May include socialization with other dogs if your dog gets along well with others.  Email updates with pictures or texts available.
  • Overnight care includes; feeding your pet, providing fresh water, exercise/play time, walks, clean litter boxes and cages, mail collection, plant watering, alternating lights,  administering medication, put out trash/recycling etc.   

$70 per weekday
$80 per day Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
$85 per day on Holidays

*plus $5.00 per day for additional dog

**Please note that a 7% sales tax will be added to all services as required by the State of RI